You’ve slaved over the content of your book.  It’s brilliant.  You become an Amazon bestseller and you were excited to hit the big time!  But why hasn’t your book gained massive publicity from the major publications?  Why hasn’t your book led to BIG sales and deals?  Why aren’t you swimming in millions and opportunity right now?


Because, mainstream marketing won’t get you those results.  Even the most INCREDIBLE books never get into the hands of the most important people —so those big time deals, partnerships, publicity and clients pass you by and are snapped up by someone else.


Let’s fix this and put you fully in charge of your marketing, your sales and your income all stemming from your brilliant book —with no cap on your pricing, your deals and your wealth-creation.  Our author clients are charging a minimum of $25K per day —and some of them in the millions.  Sound good?

Welcome to the world of Ultra-Premium Offers, where you belong.



Here’s how things generally roll for authors:

1. You spend months, sometimes years, writing the book of your dreams.  You slave over every word, every idea, every concept.  It’s perfection.  You’re so excited, dreaming of all the big deals and opportunities to come when you launch.

2. You launch your book, following all of the advice on how to become an Amazon bestseller.  You KILL it.  You make massive sales, get some great reviews from friends, family and peers, and you’re ready to hit the big time.

3. You get some publicity, but it’s not the big hits you thought would come.  No Bloomberg, Robb Report, Vanity Fair or the Today Show.  You know your content is GREAT so it defies logic as to why you’re not getting the eye of these big media outlets.

4. You start searching around for the answer to this dilemma, and you come across publicists and marketers who promise to deliver you magical publicity, podcasts and some high ticket offers through funnels (they will build for a fee).  You get some coverage, you’ve got ads running… 

5.  It’s going pretty well, but you’re stuck on the Facebook ad hamster wheel where your mood is completely reliant on how many leads your funnel has attracted today.  You’re closing “high ticket” sales and business is going ok.  No big Brené Brown-type deals are falling in your lap just yet… but you remain hopeful.

6.  You get COMPETITIONITIS —you’re down the rabbit hole of every successful author trying to figure out what they did and how they did it and who they hired and how much they spent.  Bright shiny objects are everywhere and you don’t know where to turn…  you start to break things in your business…

OK, let’s get you OUT OF THIS MESS as quickly as humanly possible.

You’re in a mainstream funk right now, and there is a solution to create an extraordinary legacy from your book and get you in control of your marketing, your sales, your income and your time.


Welcome home, Icon

Let’s get your book re-launched with massive momentum this time:  at the very top of your market.  You are in the perfect position to be charging $100K+ for your private offers, and working with some of the most extraordinary people and companies around.

With our Iconic strategy, you literally get to pick and choose your deals, your media, your publicity, speaking stages and brand alignment partners and charge them really well.  I’m talking $50K days, $100K offers, and multi-million dollar equity deals.

This is an AND strategy so can be bolted on the top of your mainstream business (if you have one already ticking along), and puts you completely in control of your marketing, sales, wealth and energy.  

I’ve worked with authors in almost every niche, and in every category, there is an opportunity to add this strategy on.

Even if you think there is no one in your niche who will pay those prices (I promise they are there)…

Even if you think there is no one in your world who would be interested in working with you this way (I promise they are there)…

Even if you think your value isn’t at this level (I promise it is if you hit a few simple criteria)…

I’ve had authors sell their consulting work for $100K in the first few months of relaunch, creating a million dollar business in year one, using this strategy.

I’ve had authors go from selling offers for $12,500 to $40M deals for the exact same offer within 12 months of implementing this strategy.

I’ve had authors attract their most ideal clients and deals directly off the back of their book (and ads had NOTHING to do with it), within months of implementing this strategy.

 I’ve had authors go from wanting to blow up their book in boredom and frustration to making millions in extra revenue and falling back in love with their book and business again after implementing this strategy.

I’ve had authors invited to speak on the biggest, most exciting stages and media outlets directly off the back of this strategy.


Icons Incorporated clients have been applying this strategy with the most extraordinary outcomes.

Yes, there are $40 million deals and million-dollar offers, and TV deals and partnerships with ideal brands…. Yes, Yes, Yes.

But more than this?

It allows the world’s most gifted people to truly live in their greatness.







Never be bored again in this model. Lead. Create in true potency and power.

So, for authors with a big dream… the time is RIGHT NOW to go big.  

Get in control of your marketing, your wealth, your clients and your business again.

Play big. Become Iconic. Build your Iconic Empire.


“I was just trying to navigate a world of the mass market, and I was “successful”, BUT... Now, I am charging hundreds of thousands in each transaction thanks to you, Kathryn. I have such an audacious vision of what I want to do in the world, and I feel so much confidence and so much alignment that now just attracts people to me automatically. You’re some crazy magician, Kathryn. I am so glad I found you.”



100k offer system

The 100k Offer System is the definitive course for those who are experts at their craft and are wanting to move from mainstream and high ticket pricing into the world of 100k Offers.  It breaks down the strategy, the positioning, the targeting, marketing and sales.  This is the course that started it all – completely updated for 2023 and beyond.


The go-to membership for every expert on the planet wanting to land big deals, create an iconic brand and move beyond the mainstream.  With deep connections, iconic deals, support from our team, and loads of Iconic resources, Iconic Influencers is for speakers, authors, consultants, entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, creatives, influencers… anyone who is truly great at what they do and wants to truly dominate with their offers.


Spend 12 weeks with the Iconic Empire coaching team to crystalize your goal and move you with ease towards achieving it. $100k Offer? Million dollar deal?  Your dream client?  This is ONLY for Founders willing to do the work to produce their revolution and see their goal come to life.  Our team does not hold back, and we expect the same from you, Icon!


Work directly with Kathryn Porritt to crystalize your business concept, positioning, offers and strategy; as well as to create a strategy for your existing business, whether this be strategic acquisition, organisational structure change to remove you as the CEO, or repositioning. These complex decisions will be made together and navigated with precision.

"I’ve worked with some of the top marketers in the world, such as Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk… and Kathryn and her team deliver as much, if not more value. If you’re somebody who can say “I do awesome work” … “I do great things” … “I know I‘m meant to do more to fulfill my destiny” then you need the greatness that Kathryn and her team can help you achieve."


ready to dominate with 100k+ offers?