How This Spiritual Coach Mastered Her Mindset to Create a $100k Offer (And Seven Tips to Do the Same)

Your mind matters when it comes to creating $100k offers. Find out how to master yours so you can make premium offers.

When she founded Be With Your Twin Flame, Elle made her mission clear – she wanted to take clients on a journey of ascension. She believes that we’re all here to make that journey and with Twin Flames, she aimed to make it easier to move through the levels.

Her initial model involved a group coaching program. She said that this worked well for many of her clients, with a large percentage moving into her later programs. However, she also found herself struggling to up-level her programs to the premium level.

That’s when Elle came to Icons Incorporated.

With our help, she brought her mission into the mainstream and gained more publicity for her work. But more importantly, she created a coaching program that allowed her to offer a more intimate and personal service.

She also said that the mindset work she did with Icons Incorporated contributed to her success. This was especially the case during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when negativity seemed to permeate the air.

“Icons Incorporated encouraged me to focus on the positives and not focus on the negative aspect. To know that there are people out there who are my ideal clients.”

— Elle Hari, Be With Your Twin Flame

Ultimately, mindset adjustments like these were key to her being able to make her premium offer. Today, she has a $92k package that she’s already sold to at least one client.

Mindset is the topic that I’d like to focus on in this article. How we think has a massive influence on our ability to make premium offers with confidence.

And with these tips, you can master the $100k mindset, just as Elle did.

Tip #1 – Focus on the Positives (Even When the Negatives Seem Overwhelming)

Think about what you see if you turn on the news or check social media today. Your mind gets flooded with news about the global pandemic. That means you’re exposing yourself to this constant stream of negativity that has a drastic effect on how you think.

Even outside of these exceptional circumstances, it’s all too easy to run into negativity. The media rarely seems to focus on the positives. Plus, you may have people in your life who try to convince you that you can’t do what you want to do.

At times, that negativity becomes overwhelming. And when that happens, it’s almost impossible to develop the confidence you need to make your $100k offer.

Elle experienced this firsthand and she found that focusing her mind on the positives transformed her approach. No longer overwhelmed by negativity, she could focus on creating a premium offer and selling it to clients.

However, I’m not saying that you should ignore the more difficult aspects of life.

My point is that you can’t dwell on them. Acknowledge them for what they are, accept that you likely can’t control them, and then shift your focus to more positive actions.

Tip #2 – Motivate Yourself with What Your Money Can Do (If You’re Not Motivated by Money)​

There are so many people playing at the bottom end of the market because they’re fearful of ascending to the top end.

That fear can come from several sources, including fear of competition and of not being good enough. But I find the fear of making money is often the most prominent one.

So many coaches struggle to reach the premium level because they have negative beliefs surrounding money. In many cases, they will tell you that they’re not motivated by the money.

If that sounds like you, I want you to know that this mindset means you will struggle to create premium offers.

Here’s the mindset switch that I recommend for those who aren’t motivated by money:

Motivate yourself with what the money can do.

That means instead of viewing having so much money as obscene, imagine the good that you could do if you had it. This allows you to reframe money as a positive, which removes one of the mindset barriers that stand in your way.

Tip #3 – Get Over the Weight of the Investment​

What is your perception of $100,000?

You likely see it as an enormous investment that anybody would struggle to make. In fact, you know that you’ve certainly never made an investment that large into one person. But as long as you have that perception, you will struggle to make premium offers.

Understand that your perception of that sum of money differs from the perception that your ideal market has.

If you struggle to even say the number to a client, you will lose their trust. They’ll hear your hesitancy and that will tell them that you’re not confident in the value of your offer.

The key here is to get over the weight of the investment.

It doesn’t matter that you haven’t personally made an investment of this size. Your ideal market wants a premium offer, and they expect a weighty investment to come with it. Remind yourself of this before every sales conversation that you have.

Tip #4 – Root Yourself in Your Value​

What is the biggest desire that your ideal client has? How are you going to get them there and what is achieving that desire worth to the client?

When you can answer those questions, you’re closer to making your premium offer successful.

What’s important here is that your value comes from the transformation that you create. That transformation has a value to your client that often exceeds the price that you’d place on it.

Root yourself in the value that you provide. More importantly, root yourself in the transformation you create and how you do it differently to anyone else in your niche.

Remind yourself of that value and how your client perceives it.

Tip #5 – Connect the Value from the Position of Someone Who Can Afford It​

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who couldn’t understand how he could possibly sell something for $1 million. He thought he needed to fit so much into the offer that he’d make it unsustainable for himself.

I told him to forget about this idea that he’s selling to his peers.

Instead, I told him to imagine that he’s selling it to Mike Bloomberg. I told him to ask himself if there’s enough value in the offer for somebody with $75 billion in the bank to justify spending $1 million on it.

And he just said yes!

When he reframed the offer in this way, he saw it from the position of somebody who can afford it.

The message here is to stop thinking of your offer in terms of what people at your level can afford. Those aren’t your ideal clients. Instead, contextualize the offer through the lens of the person you’ll make it to.

Tip #6 – Play in the Same Sandbox as Your Ideal Client

Your ideal clients may not be your peers right now. But your goal is to bring yourself up to that level and start playing in the same sandbox that they’re in.

If you want to work with Mike Bloomberg, for example, you need to know where that person spends his time. Find out where he’s hanging out and make sure you’re spending time in the same places.

The idea here is to make yourself relatable to your ideal client. Beyond the authority that you have in your niche, it’s relatability that counts more than anything else.

But, how do you create that relatability?

Spend time in the environments that your ideal clients spend time in. Immerse yourself in their respective worlds so that you develop a deeper understanding of who they are and how they live.

Once you understand the mindset of your ideal client, you can adapt your own and relate to it.

Tip #7 – Connect to What Makes You a Leader in Your Niche

What do you do if you’ve followed all of these tips and still find yourself consistently worrying about your value?

Connect back to what makes you a leader in your niche.

What makes you the very best person in the world at what you do? Examine the manifesto you created when you started your business and remind yourself of what makes you stand out.

So much of making a premium offer comes down to having the confidence and belief in yourself to make it. When that confidence waivers, give yourself a little reminder of what makes you such a powerful leader.

Your Mind Matters

Mastering your mindset plays a key role in your ability to make $100k offers.

With these tips, you’ll remind yourself of what makes you such a special leader in your niche in the first place. You’ll reframe how you think about money and how you perceive the offer that you’re making.

Remember, it’s not about how you perceive the offer.

It’s about how your ideal audience perceives it.

Spend time in the places where your audience hangs out and immerse yourself in their worlds and perceptions. This will allow you to alter your own perception of your offer and the true value it provides.

Perhaps this is the very thing that you’re struggling with right now?

If so, I’d like to talk to you about your premium offer and the mindset you need to have to make it. Watch our latest Masterclass to learn more about how we can help.

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